기업의 사회적 책임


클리닉 사회 공헌

The founder of Atlas Medispa - Dr SM Yuen is a firm believer of the importance of returning back to the community and society that the company operates in. Every year, the Atlas brand participates actively in various community and charity projects that help strengthen the fabric of society by looking after the under priviledged and less fortunate. Dr SM Yuen firmly believes that people who have done well for themselves have a moral and social responsibility to take care of the society that have allowed them the room and environment to succeed.

Into its 8th year now, the “My Singapore” movement is a national level project that the Atlas brand has been supporting every year. This movement’s broad aims are to celebrate national day by using music and arts as a gravitational source, raising funds for charity, and to support Singaporean music and arts.

The Atlas brand continues to collaborate with a wide spectrum of corporate establishments, beneficiaries and government related organizations to build a better, kinder, and inclusive Singapore.

My Singapore

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