회사 소개

Warm Greetings!

Brought to you by Dr SM Yuen, Atlas Medispa is the modern interpretation of beauty, luxury and comfort.

Inspired by the Korean art of beauty and skin care, Atlas Medispa is where modern technology and pampering therapies meet to create a unique experience.

Healing, calming, rejuvenating and effective, Atlas Medispa uses strategies derived from Korean Medical Aesthetics to give you quick results in unparalleled luxury.

Atlas Medispa uses Rose-2 and Bebepu organic premium skin care ranges, which have been produced in collaboration with Korean doctors and customized for Asian skin types and climates. State of the art technology combined with meticulously designed therapy programs is our trademark, while always ensuring your safety and comfort in an oasis of relaxation that is synonymous with the Atlas brand.

When you step into our medispa, you will be welcomed by the exquisitely created décor, with the gentle fragrance of essential oils, warm lighting and mood music providing an eclectic ambience that is unlike any other. Many of our clients have found our approach refreshing, elegant but yet exuding a warm coziness. Because we know home is where the heart belongs, we strive to make all our guests feel at home - where they can truly unwind, ease their worries, and leave refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our concierges and therapists are attentive and sensitive to your every need; be it a warm cup of specially blended tea, or a cool glass of water, even helping you with transport arrangements from the airport or from home, or settling your accommodation while in Singapore, our team of Atlas staff will go the extra mile for you. Because we believe in treating you the way we would like to be treated, and no thought and effort is spared in continuing the proud tradition of the Atlas brand that has won us friends from all over.

** Disclaimer:
Our medispa is a pampering and therapeutic entity that draws ideas and inspiration from the realm of Korean medical aesthetics with emphasis on strong foundations of safety, effectiveness and sustainability. Medispa treatments are not a substitute for consultation and/or treatment by a trained medical doctor.